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New Site - Crystal Conflux

Post by DeltaVelocity » Fri Nov 16, 2018 4:49 pm

Hi everyone,

Sorry about the old site going down without any notice. It wasn't too active on here, and I didn't renew the domain because I had other priorities at the time.

Although I'm not working on anything IBE-related any more - I'm putting this forum back up here as an archive and potential further discussion. If new SC2 versions have introduced any game-breaking bugs into Ice Baneling Escape then please let me know (here or via email) and I should get around to fixing them.

I'll update the game with the new website address soon.

One thing I am working on as part of Crystal Conflux is another game (codenamed Project C at the moment, but that's not its real name). It's not going to be an ice escape, although it may have a co-op mode. If it ever gets to a demo stage I'll invite you all to try it out 8-).

- Delta

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