Patch Notes Up to v1.44

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Patch Notes Up to v1.44

Post by DeltaVelocity » Tue Oct 08, 2013 1:42 pm

v1.44 - Sept 2nd 2013
Patrol glitch fix.

Chinese and Korean translations are now available on all regions.
Adjusted collision with gates behaviour.
Fixed -follow/-unfollow command not unfollowing.
UI options are now persistent between games.
Some small fixes.

Korean translation by 비사량
Chinese (Taiwan) translation by QooQoo

v1.39 - 18th Mar 2013
Released on KR
lvl01 terrain fixes.

Hotkey conflict message fix.

Patched for WoL 2.0.4

Scoreboard bug fix.

Fixed glitched final challenge when a player leaves at the very start of the game.
Your baneling is now automatically assigned to the first three control groups at the start of the game.

Try again bugfix.
More shortened versions of commands.

Added shortened versions of minimap commands.

Waiting for a player that has already been defeated should no longer occur on game restart and difficulty selection screens.
Turning while drifting on no-turn ice glitch fixed.

Released on EU.

Switch command bug fix.
Minimap fix.
Shift click fix.
Fixed a death glitch on lvl 19 (Warping ursadaks challenge) beside the top level up.

v1.26 - 7th Jan 2013
Switch is now an ability, which is only useable while ART is in use. It switches the direction of the remainder of the current ART.
The old -switch command is still available, and activates the switch ability automatically (upon ART usage) when turned on.
Team stats of "Everyone Here" duplicate teams should now be fixed.
Game difficulty is now recorded in team stats.
Turning latency improved.
Ice transitions adjusted.
Fixed another phoenix glitch.
New command: -minimapc >> Disables/Enables issuing commands using the minimap. Alt: "-mmc"

Scoreboard minimized status now persistent between restarts.
Small Ursadak collision radius decreased slightly.
Rock shadow glitch fix on reverse ice intro challenge.

Power-ups can now be picked up in the transition phase between challenges.

Timer visibility now persistent between restarts.
Some bug fixes.

Escort ice diagonal length decreased slightly.
Fixed two new disappearing phoenix escort glitches.
Sliding adjustments.
Fixed a sliding on snow glitch on the final challenge.

New commands:
"-user interface" toggles visibility of the user interface excluding the command card. Alt: "-ui"
"-score board" toggles visibility of the score board and challenge progression status. Alt: "-sb" or "-lb"

Fixed some delays that occured at restart/difficulty selection when a player had left the game.
Fixed a bug with kicking.
Ambience adjustment.

Dead ice banelings can no longer pick up a level-up.
Fixed the no-turn ice on the tunnel challenge.
Some other glitch fixes.
Phoenix escort diagonal ice adjusted (It was too easy). Removed a zealot.

Fixed one zealot not warping out glitch (Final challenge)
The top teams of each player are now recorded, and can be found under Stats.

v1.14 - 24th Nov 2012
Fixed a death glitch on the quad rotater challenge.
Another update to the phoenix escort challenge.
Fixed a glitch on the escort challenge that allowed a baneling to do the entire challenge without an escort.
Fixed more switches that could be pushed by essence.
Fixed a sliding glitch on the big crabs challenge beside the power-up.
Stopped a Karak (dino bird) from sometimes warping out with the zealots on the final challenge.
The shortcut on the inverted S level (lvl17) can now only be attempted from the reverse ice side and is therefore much harder to pull off.
Two bonus level-ups added.

Fixed some switches that could be pushed by essence.
Delayed start on tunnel challenge fixed.
Small changes to escort challenge.
Big crabs spawn moved.

Lobby bug fix

Players can now change their colour in the lobby.
Phoenix escort challenge revamped to allow more players to participate.
Some minor fixes

Increased the size of the gate on the 8.1 Challenge

Fixed final challenge (Level 21) bug when players had left the game.

Slab switches no longer fly when you patrol on them.
Accidental moving on instant revive bug should now be fixed.
Computers can no longer join the game.
Leavers can now only be controlled for the remainder of the current challenge, unless there is less than 3 people left.
Fixed multiple bugs with the Phoenix escort challenge that allowed it to be completed without an escort.
Other minor adjustments.

The bottom corner of the ramp in the Zealot Wave U-turn Challenge no longer reflects icebanelings.

Power Boost % speed increase has been changed from 15/30/50 to 20/40/80
ART bug should be fixed.
Square patrolling zealots switch stops working bug fixed.
Bug where your essence could pick up a level-up fixed.

All-time stats should now save properly.

Fixed a bug where the control of a kicked icebaneling was not given to the remaining players.

Propel ability:
Bug fix: One icebane's Propel no long speeds up multiple icebanes that are not on the creep.
Bug fix: Using Propel near a bush no longer destroys it.

Open gates on restart on six-gate challenge fixed.
Other bug fixes.

Fixed a bug that prevented game restart from occuring in some situations when it should.

v1.0 - 5th Nov 2012
There are 21 challenges in total, and all must be completed to escape.
Stats added
Death log added
Help menu added
New commands

Fixed six-gate challenge bug that caused some gates to remain open when they shouldn't.
Ground textures update. Boundaries between land and snow are now more easily visible.
Snow weather (by DarlD) added.

Kicking should work now.
Fixed six-gate challenge bouncing off gates problem.
Bonus level-ups added to several challenges.
Other small challenge adjustments.

Fixed the scoreboard bug that caused player names to disappear or appear in the wrong place in some situations.
New ability: Advanced Reviving Technique.
Three more challenges added.

Small adjustments to the introductory reverse ice challenge.
Total challenges now shown as well as number of challenges completed (On the scoreboard heading)
Fixed the bug where the finish wouldn't work on challenge 10.

Added a new saving throw ability called Throw Essence. You can use this ability while sliding to rescue your teammates from a distance.
The difficulty voting screen no longer disappears as soon as you vote.
Other minor adjustments.

Made sliding smoother.

Fixed the escort challenge extra easiness bug.
Two more challenges added.
Other minor fixes/adjustments to various challenges.

Fixed initialization bug which made some players invulnerable for the first challenge and then disappear in the second challenge.

Added another challenge.
Dirt texture changed to be more visible.

Fixed some bugs with restarting.
Reduced the difficulty at the end of the escort challenge. (The escort now finishes before the final ice)

v0.9 - 30th Sept 2012
Added a new challenge.

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