Ice Baneling Escape v1.55

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Ice Baneling Escape v1.55

Post by DeltaVelocity » Thu Dec 13, 2018 10:01 am

Released 2018-12-13

Fixed some issues which were introduced with SC2 patches:
- Resolved an issue which caused black shadows to show up on some terrain boundaries.
- Fixed the phoenix level being broken and easy because of phoenixes colliding with pillars.
- Fixed other units having the ability to collide with certain things when they shouldn't.
- Fixed a zealot disappearing act on the warping bears level. (level 19)

- Allow switching between IBE1 or IBE2 stats.
- Added the IBE2 UI mode and commands to IBE1.
- Added revive animations.
- Grant control of inactive players to the team, and don't automatically kick players who are afk on restart.
- Fixed an issue where sometimes you could revive yourself for no reason.
- Added zhCN Chinese language localization, based on zhTW translation. Some text may remain untranslated.
(Contact us if you'd like to provide the missing translation).

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